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・Corporate Mission・

Applied Design Analysis Corporation (ADA)is an Engineering Software company which seeks "popularization of simulation" and "automation of design and manufacturing technology" using fully "Advanced Technology" and "Grobal Network". Specifically, we practice pragmatical analysis consulting services related to application technology of FEM and a unique development of advanced analysis simulation softwares through import, sales, and support of CAE(Computer Aided Engineering).

・5 Elements of ADA・

□ Popularization of CAESimulation
□ Automation of design and manufacturing technology
□ Advanced Technology
□ Global Network
□ Personality

With these 5 elements, we contribute to a new "popularization of pragmatical simulation technology".  In addition, as the second business, we have an advanced  first class architect's office with computer supports.  Specifically, we practice structual planning and execution designing of large space constructions and specialty construction facilities as well as visual landscape simulation services which required in construction base planning.